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Library Administration is responsible for activities required to manage and provide support services for the departments within the Library:  Personnel, Payroll, Accounting, Procurement, Building Maintenance, etc.

For questions or issues concerning accounting contact Administration.

LIB-378        405-271-2285, opt.5 or x48755


Library Administration is responsible for overseeing the housekeeping and maintenance activities that occur in the Library proper and common areas within the building. 

The Director and Business Administrator serve as the Library Building Coordinators and are responsible for maintaining the Outlook Group for building occupants.



The Library accepts gifts of books, journals, artifacts/equipment and funds, please contact Administration if you would like to make a donation or complete the form below.

Notary Public

Select Administrative staff serve as notaries and are available for University related business only.  Please call to inquire.


Library Administration is responsible for reserving the following spaces in the Library.  Go to Room Reservations for more information.

  • Library Auditorium (299)
  • Room 489
  • Faculty Atrium
  • Library Lobby
  • Library Patio
  • Molly Shi Boren Garden

Other departments are responsible for reserving the following spaces.