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The Justin A. McCurry Library and Resource Center is a collaborative effort of the following organizations:


Accessing the Collection


In September 2021, the collection of ~1,200 books and videos was moved to the Robert M. Bird Health Sciences Library. The Bird Library is open to the public and anyone can visit the library to utilize the collection and check out materials.

Resources in the collection are selected by experts and address a variety of topics including boards and committees, funding sources and non-profit management, special education issues, and information on specific disabilities such as autism, down syndrome, etc. To explore the collection virtually, search or browse the online catalog.


About Justin


The library is named in honor of Justin McCurry, a young man with developmental disabilities who worked in the Developmental Disabilities Council of Oklahoma offices from 2000 until his death in 2004. 

Justin was passionate about his work and well-loved by council members and staff. He was an avid fan of the Green Bay Packers; the logo for the library named for him was designed with a small green letter G in the spine of the book, as a subtle tribute to Justin's beloved team.