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Searching for Images, Videos, and Multimedia: Search Tips


Many of the search interfaces we frequently use offer options for exploring multimedia resources.

This page provides a quick overview of how to access images, videos, etc. through interfaces such as Ovid and Google.

Multimedia in Ovid

Ovid Multimedia Search Screen

  • Select the Multimedia option at the top of any Ovid page to search or browse all available multimedia content on Ovid. Users can filter results by subject/category, duration, media type, or specific date ranges to identify relevant videos and images.

Google Images

Google Images Logo‚Äč

  • Going directly to Google Images to conduct your search is the fastest way to proceed if you know you want your search results limited to pictures, tables, line drawings, and other graphical representations. 
  • Results are returned as thumbnails; move your mouse over any thumbnail to reveal the size of the image and the source web site. Click on the thumbnail to see a larger version of the image, visit the source web site, and access additional information.
  • Use the Search Tools option directly beneath the search box to quickly refine your image results by size, color, type, etc. and to change the way your results are sorted.