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Lactation Room: Home


Lactation room in the Bird Library

  • The library doesn't have a dedicated lactation room, however if you are in the Library for a lengthy meeting, we can make arrangements ahead of time for Rm 387.
  • This room is used for group study, please email the Non-Print Media department or call 405-271-2285, opt.6, to reserve the room for lactation use.
  • The room has no windows,can be locked and has a table, chairs and electricity; the bathroom is around the corner. 


Staff Lactation Rooms on the
Oklahoma Health Center Campus

There are 37 lactation rooms on campus! OU Medical Center, OU Physicians/OU Children's Physicians and the Oklahoma State Department of Health are recognized Gold Star Breastfeeding Friendly Worksites.

Andrews Academic Tower (AAT)

Room 20
Contact Valarie Ballard ext. 48799

Basic Science Education Building (BSEB)

Room 273 – Dual purpose room
Contact Kayla McNeill at 271-2424 ext. 48531

Biomedical Research Center (BRC)

Room 274A
Contact Lisa Muir at 271-5522 ext. 40049

Biomedical Science Building (BMSB)

Room 138
Contact OBRC at 271-6162

Children’s Hospital

Mother / Baby Unit Room 5185
Contact TraLisa Mackey at 271-5001

NICU Village – NICU Staff Only
Contact Lori Page at 271-5205

Room 2106 – Near Pediatric Rehabilitation
The Lactation Center Room 4341 – Under Construction
Contact Michelle Lindsay at 271-5205

Room 9139
Contact Jessica Beach at 271-4080

Room B911
Contact Sara Dean at 271-8001 ext. 34950

College of Allied Health

Suite 1009 – Office of Academic & Student Services
Contact Susan Tucker, Dean ASA at 271-6588

College of Dentistry

Suite 1009 – Office of Academic & Student Services
Contact Susan Tucker, Dean ASA at 271-6588

1st Floor Student Lounge 137A
1st Floor Student Lounge 137B
5th Floor Women’s Bathroom
Room DCSB 501
Contact Lindsay Burgan at 271-5444

College of Nursing

Room 143
Contact Laurie Price at 271-2420

College of Pharmacy

Contact Rita Pierce, Dean’s Office (CPB-133)

College of Public Health

Room 161 – Near Student Services
Contact Robin Howell at 271-2308 and/or Deanna Debus at ext. 46706

Dermatology Building

Room DC252
Contact Renee Wall at ext. 48002

Family Medicine Building

Room 1212
Contact Angela McKibben at ext. 31412

Nicholson Tower

Room 5700
Contact Tadra Moon at 271-1259

O’Donoghue Building

Room 275E
Contact Pam Birdwell at 271-1600 ext. 54188

Oklahoma State Department of Health Building

Contact 271-4476 or 271-4471

OU Physicians Building

Room 3215 – Pump Kit available for OUP Employees
Room 3217 (OB) – Pump Kit available for OUP Employees
Room 3533 (Breast Institute) – Pump Kit available for OUP Employees
Contact Shawna Houle at ext. 30546

OU Medical Center Adult Tower (Presbyterian Tower)

Emergency Department 1st Floor – Near office with opaque window
Room 6 West – Near office with opaque window
Contact receptionist in office with opaque window

Room 7543
Woman’s Surgery Locker Room 2nd Floor – Under Construction
Contact OBRC and/or Joshua Ashlock at 271-6162

Presbyterian Professional Office Building (PPOB)

Room 213
Contact Timothy Schreiber at 271-4190

Service Center Building

Room 103B
Contact 271-2399 for access

Stephenson Cancer Center

Room 5006
Room 6006
Contact Denise Churchill at 271-6822 ext. 48992

Student Union (DLB Student Union)

Room 241
Contact Information Desk at 271-3606

VA Medical Center

Room 4B102
Contact Sharron Schaefer at 456-3364 and/or Brendan Wilson at 456-5761

Williams Pavilion

Room 3255
Contact OBRC at 271-6162