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3D Printing Services and Guidelines at the OUHSC Library


CraftBot 2 3d Printer imageThe library has 2 Craftbot+ 3D printers and an Ultimaker S5 dual extrusion 3D printer available for printing objects for students, faculty, and staff of the OUHSC campus. The printers are intended to support the education, research, and prototype needs of the OUHSC campus.  At this time we will not be printing items for the general public.

The 3D printers currently use PLA as the primary material for printing and the dual extrusion printer is able to print using PVA, a water soluble material, as a secondary support material, providing the ability to print objects that wouldn't be possible with single material printers.

If you would like to have something printed on the 3D printer, please fill out our form and send the 3D file (.stl or .obj filetype) via email to the library at Be sure to read the Policies & Guidelines tab for more information and pricing info.

Looking for 3D files or inspiration for design? The resources below and in the resources tab offer free 3D files for printing.


If you would like to design your own 3D print, there are lots of different options below and on the Resources tab:

  1. Tinkercad is an online based program - Has the lowest learning curve. Tutorials on Tinkercad and how to design 3D objects
  2. Onshape - online based program. CAD software with precise measurements.
  3. Blender - free download, large learning curve.
  4. Pixologic Sculptris - free download for sculpting.  Starts with a ball of clay and creates shapes from there.
  5. OpenSCAD - free download.  Learn unique programming commands to design stuff with specific distances and rations.

Do you have an image (jpg, png, gif, etc…) that you would like to turn into a 3D print?

Here is a youtube video that explains how to turn a regular image file into a 3D file that can be printed. 

You will need to download 2 pieces of free software:

Inkscape & Blender

3D Prints on the Craftbot

3D printed brain image

Right & Left brain hemisphere from MRI scan of a 25 year old.
Model was obtained from NIH 3D Print Exchange.

3D printed skull image

Hinged skull with brain insert. Model was obtained from