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Finding Full Text

Journals & Ebooks A-Z

If you have an article citation in hand follow these steps:   Additional Tips

Step 1: Enter the journal title in Journals & Ebooks A-Z


  • Need help with citations? See our Anatomy of a Citation guide
  • Journals & Ebooks A-Z can be found on the library's home page under Find a Journal, Book, or Collection

Step 2: Look for your journal in the results list

  • There may be more than one record if we have both print and electronic holdings

Step 3: Click on the journal title to see your options for access which may include:

Online access

  • You will find hyperlinks in the View It section if electronic full text is available


Available at Robert M. Bird Library

  • You will find details about our print holdings for the journal under the Get It section of the record
  • Multiple links may be available and years of coverage may vary
  • Navigate to the volume and issue that contains your article
  • You may need to look for links such as "All Issues" or "Archives" to find older content
  • Locate your article and use the link provided to view, print, or save the full text


  • Our print journal collection is shelved alphabetically by journal title on the library's 4th floor


Can't find what you need? Consult our document delivery page for more options

Searching by PMID or DOI

PMID   Additional Tips
  • The PMID is a series of numbers that is assigned as a unique identifier to every PubMed record
  • If you have a PMID, one option for finding full text is to enter the number in the PubMed search box



  • A DOI or Digital Object Identifier is a unique string of alphanumeric characters used to locate specific items on the Internet
  • If you have only a DOI for an article, try entering it as your search string in Google to find the complete citation
  • Navigating to PubMed from the Bird Library home page allows you to easily view your OUHSC full text options for a citation
  • In Ovid MEDLINE, the PMID is referred to as the Unique Identifier or UI
  • To learn more, see our PMID Tutorial


  • DOI example: 10.1289/ehp.1104305
  • For more information, see our DOI handout


Journals with BrowZine   Additional Tips
  • Provides a more visual interface that supports searching for a specific journal title or browsing journals by core title list or subject area
  • Includes apps to facilitate access from your smartphone or tablet


  • Journals with BrowZine can be found on the library's home page under Find a Journal, Book, or Collection
  • BrowZine is best used when linking to content from 2005-present
  • Learn more features in this short BrowZine video


Accessing Full Text from Within a Database

The Bird Library's home page provides access to a number of databases that you may use to search for journal literature including:

  • Ovid MEDLINE
  • PubMed

Connect to full text directly from your search results by clicking:

  • the HTML or PDF link (if available) OR
  • the HSC Full Text Options link

  Additional Tips

  • We have detailed instructions for finding full text in our commonly used interfaces:


What if...

  • The Bird Library does not reflect access
    • Check your spelling; search the full name of the journal rather than the abbreviation
    • Try a Google search and navigate to the publisher's website to see if any content is freely provided
  • You encounter a technical issue
    • If you receive an error message when trying to reach content that the library subscribes to, try clearing your cache/cookies, selecting a different browser, or shutting down/restarting your computer

If you have questions or need assistance contact our Reference Librarians using the Request Assistance form; if inquiring about issues or error messages you have encountered, please include as many details as possible